2019 SARW – FUN – Entertainment & Parties

St. Augustine Race Week

March 23rd – 30th 2019

Entertainment & Party Events

Ceremonies, Parties, Live Music & Food Vendors
will be hosted at the

The Big Party Tent

Downtown at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina

Private Events and Functions
will be hosted at the

St Augustine Yacht Club

29° 53′ 10″ N, 81° 17′ 12″ W
442 Ocean Vista Avenue      St. Augustine, FL 32080      (904) 824-9725


Thursday March 28th

5:30 – 7 PM and 7:30 – 8:30 PM
The Big Party Tent at the Marina
This event is Open to the Public

Live Band – TBD



Friday March 29th

5:30 – 7 PM and 7:30 – 8:30 PM
The Big Party Tent at the Marina
This event is Open to the Public

Live Band – TBD

Saturday March 30th

6 – 8:30 PM
St Augustine Yacht Club
Private Event

Live Band – TBD

Sonny & Cher

St Augustine Race Week 2017
30-second Recap – Jeremy Garza

St Augustine Race Week 2017
2-minute Aerial View – SKY 1 Imaging

St Augustine Race Week 2017
10 Minutes on the Fantasea – Henry Baker

Fantasea and Monkey’s Uncle



Waiting for a Race to start?   Waiting for a Party to begin?
Waiting for the right wind?

Read a book while you wait!

Moby Dick

By Herman Melville
Read The Project Gutenberg EBook:
Moby Dick

The Old Man of the Sea

By W. W. Jacobs
Read The Project Gutenberg EBook:
The Old Man of the Sea

20,000 Leagues
Under the Sea

By Jules Verne
Read The Project Gutenberg EBook:
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

War & Peace

By Leo Tolstoy
Read The Project Gutenberg EBook:
(Read only if there is no wind at all)
War & Peace

Dan: “Party on Guy.”
Guy: “Party on Dan.”


SARW 2019 Sailing events are to be captained and crewed by non-robots. Although many automated devises are fully allowed on board, the crew itself must be robot free.

I’m not a Robot

Please take the following test in order to be validated as a crew member and to be allowed to participate in sailing events held on the water.
Note: Robots will be allowed on the dance floor of the Big Party Tent but are not permitted to drink rum.

I am a RobotI am NOT a Robot

2019 St Augustine Race Week

St Augustine Race Week 2019 REGISTRATION/SPONSORSHIP Quick Links

2019 SARW Entries

2019 Yachts & Captains:

Encore, Stephen Michael
Fantasea, Henry Baker

2019 Offshore/Inshore Entries

2019 Youth Regatta Entries

Thanks to SARW 2018 Racers

2018 Yachts & Captains:

Adenium, John Cunningham
Ariel, Dan Floryan
Black Pearl, Andy Lee
Blueprint, Peter Hatch
Destiny, Edward Delorme
Encore, Stephen Michael
Estelle, Paul Jarrett
Fantasea, Henry Baker
Fin, Graeme Nichol
Flamingo 1, Carl Kennon
Ghost, Tom Davis
Gibson Dry Dock, Guy VanDoren
Girl Dog, Paul Hellings
Gone Postal, Dan Sprouls
Hunter 41, Hunt Bowman
J29, Alexander Madsen
Kerberos, Brian Golumbeck
Kotchka, Reggie Maggs
Lively, Mike Taylor
Monkey's Uncle, Carter Quillen
Mountain Roo, Matt Cole
Naked Option, Tracy Sampson
Obsession, Norman Church
Olive Oyle, Robert Blackford
Orca, Captain Quint
PHRFection, Madalin Keeble
Quick Decision, Tom Lane
Rattle & Hum, Adam Norwood
Ripple, Kent Griffin
Rock Star, Tim Tucker
Santarella, James Scalise
Sassy, Michael Fegen
Sea Breeze, Mike Alyea
Sea Hawk, Tom Robinson
Shadowfax, Guy Anderson
Skybird, John Grannis
Stray Dog, David Hightower
Swim Up Tiki Bar, Barb Sperbeck
Veria, Brianne Petit-Muller
Vixen, Bob Moriarty
Zaida, Chuck Fields


SARW 2018 Youth Sailors

2018 Youth Sailors:

Blake & Logan March
Brennan Doherty & Bridget Monahan
Ethan Ghozali & Emma Heck
Grace Pfaelzer & Malia Sparks
Jack Parker & Erik Volk
Jacob Corrales & Lane Muchmore
Jakob & Joshua Armitage
Jocelyn Grannis & Trace Martensen
Kai Priester & Finn Gardener
Kyle Funderburk
Mathew Aguilera
Matt Snyder & Aine Porter
Mia Mondello
Wes Myler & Patrick Patangan
Will Weinbecker & Michael Mumford

Charles Sweeney
Carson Augustine
Colton Augustine
Curren Burkley
Davis McLauchlin
Elyse Bernthal
Mary Katherine Monahan
Maxim Drexler
River Keysers
Russell Beard
Scott Busey

2018 Youth Regatta

Race Week Photos