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Welcome to SARW 2018

Ariel, Dan Floryan
Destiny, Edward Delorme
Encore, Stephen Michael
Estelle, Paul Jarrett
Fantasea, Henry Baker
Fin, Graeme Nichol
Ghost, Tom Davis
Girl Dog, Paul Hellings
Gone Postal, Dan Sprouls
Kerberos, Brian Golumbeck
Lively, Mike Taylor
Monkey's Uncle, Carter Quillen
Obsession, Norman Church
Olive Oyle, Robert Blackford
PHRFection, Madalin Keeble
Rattle & Hum, Adam Norwood
Sassy, Michael Fegen
Shadowfax, Guy Anderson
Skybird, John Grannis
Veria, Brianne Petit-Muller
Vixen, Bob Moriarty
Zaida, Chuck Fields


Race Week Photos