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Sponsored by The St Johns Tourist Development Council

(11 Boats Competing)

• 420 One-Design


2019 SARW Youth Sailing Regatta

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2019 St Augustine Race Week

SARW 2019 Official Racing Results

As of March 23rd 2019, the following Racers are Tied for FIRST PLACE!

(Actual Results are yet To-Be-Determined and will be posted to this WebPage once the results have been Officially Tabulated.)

Actaea (Tony Harwell)
Ariel (Daniel Floryan, SAYC)
Avenger (Gary Van Tassel, FCSA)
Bernoulli (Allen Jones, EFYC)
BigTime (David Parrish, NFCC)
Carpe Diam (Brian Cramer, RHYC)
Destiny (Edward Delorme, NA)
Encore (Stephen Michael, Rudder Club)
Fantasea (Henry Baker, SAYC)
Fin (Graeme Nichol, AISC)
Final Gravity (Jeff Bugbee, NBYC)
Fireball (Tim Tucker, SAYC)
Flamingo 1 (Carl Kennon, SAYC)
Flyer (Tyson Bernthal, SAYC)
Forgotten Princess (Peter Marsh, OBYC)
French Kiss (Charles Points, SAYC)
Girl Dog (Paul Hellings, Rat Island YC)
Hillbilly (Bradley Stowers, Melbourne YC)
KAOS (Rich Brew, Rudder Club)
Katana (John Grannis, SAYC)
Kiwi Spirit II (Stanley Paris, SAYC)
kotchka (Reggie Maggs, SAYC)
Monkey’s Uncle (Carter Quillen, NFCC)
Morgana (Henry Korous)
Naked Option (Tracy Sampson, SAYC)
Naut-on-Call (Eddie Evans, CORA/ChYC)
Obsession (Norman L Church, STC/HRYC)
Ocean Avenue 11 (Hunt Bowman, SAYC)
Olive Oyle (Robert Blackford)
ROCKSTAR (Kathy Hansen, SAYC)
Shadowfax (Guy Anderson, US Sailing)
Snow Goose (Madalin Keeble, SAYC)
Spider Pig (Allister James, LMSA)
Stray Dog (David Hightower, SAYC)
Veria (Brianne Petit-Muller, SAYC)
Vixen (Bob Moriarty)
Windchaser (Tom Fleming, NFCC)


• Performance Spinnaker

Sponsored by Pusser’s Rum

First:  PHRFECTION (Beneteau FC10 / 34) – Madalin Keeble, SAYC
Second:  ROCKSTAR (C&C 115 / 38) – Tim Tucker, SAYC
Third:  J-29 (J29 / 29) – Alexander Madsen, NFCC

• Performance Non-Spin

Sponsored by Pusser’s Rum

First:  ARIEL (Hunter 386) – Dan Floryan, SAYC
Second:  KOTCHKA (Hinckley 38) – Reggie Maggs
Third:  FLAMINGO 1 (Beneteau Oceanis 35) – Carl Kennon, SAYC

• Cruiser Overall

Sponsored by Meehan’s Irish Pub

First:  VERIA (Luders 36 Yawl) – Brianne Petit-Muller, SAYC
Second:  OBSESSION (Morgan 41 CB) – Norman Church, HRYC
Third:  SANTARELLA (Baltic 38 DP CB) – James Scalise, Melbourne YC


Sponsored by Florida Hospital Flagler Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

• Class 1

First:  GIRL DOG (Catalina 22) – Paul Hellings, Rudder Club
Second:  ENCORE (Lindenberg 28) – Stephen Michael, Rudder Club
Third:  SASSY (Hunter 216) – Michael Fegen, SAYC

• Class 2

First:  GIBSON DRY DOCK (Cal 29-2) – Guy VanDoren, Rat Island Yacht Club
Second:  STRAY DOG (Cal 29-2) – David Hightower, SAYC
Third:  ZAIDA (Hunter 260) – Chuck Fields, NFCC


Sponsored by The St Johns Tourist Development Council

(25 Boats Competing)

• Optimist Pram

First:  Mary Katherine Monahan, FYC
Second:  Davis McLauchlin, FYC
Third:  Elyse Bernthal, FYC

• Club 420

First:  Matthew Snyder / Aine Porter, Dunedin YSA
Second:  Wes Myler / Patrick Patangan, FYC
Third:  Will Weinbecker / Michael Mumford, FYC

2018 Youth Regatta Final Finishers


Performance Spinnaker

First:  PHRFection (Beneteau FC10) – Madalin Keeble, SAYC
Second:  RockStar (C&C 115) – Tim Tucker, SAYC
Third:  Rattle & Hum (Antrim 27) – Adam Norwood, NFCC/RCoJ

Performance Non-Spin

First:  Skybird (Ranger 33) – John Grannis, SAYC
Second:  Estelle (Jeanneau SO 409) – Paul Jarrett
Third:  Meteor (Morgan 464) – Clay Hansen

Cruiser Overall

First:  Obsession (Morgan 41 CB) – Norman Church, HRYC
Second:  Veria (Luders 36 Yawl) – Brianne Petit-Muller
Third:  Calypso Breeze (Morgan 41) – Bubba Ball, SAYC


Class 1

First:  Gaboon (Viper 420) – John Fiaella, FYC
Second:  Olive Oyl (Alerion 28) – Bob Blackford
Third:  Sassy (Hunter 216) – Mike Fegan, SAYC

Class 2

First:  Gibson Dry Dock (Cal 29) – Guy Van Doren, Rat Island
Second:  Zaida (Hunter 260) – Churck Fields, NFCC
Third:  Stray Dog (Cal 29) – Hightower/McDevitt


(32 Boats Competing)

Optimist Pram Overall

First:  Bridget Monahan, FYC
Second:  Max Zhalilo, FYC
Third:  Mary Catherine Monahan, FYC


First:   Will Weinbecker/Wes Myler, FYC
Second:  Max Zhalilo, FYC
Third:  Mary Catherine Monahan, FYC

2016 First Place Overall


Spinnaker:  Avenger (Carrera 290) – Gary Van Tassel
Non-Spin:  Rock Star (C&C115) – Tim Tucker
Cruiser A:  Santarella (Baltic 38) – Phil Scalise
Cruiser B:  Skybird (Ranger 33) – John Grannis


Performance Class  Gaboon (Viper 640) – John Faiella
Cruiser Class:  Water Streak (S2 7.9) – Mike Dolan


420 Dinghy:  Telmo Basterra, Golden Island Marina
Optimist Pram:  Will Weinbecker, Florida Yacht Club

2015 First Place Overall


Spinnaker:  Avenger (Carrera 290) – Guy VanTassel
Non-Spin:  Blue Sky (C&C 30) – Dana Hunter
Cruiser:  Actea (Concordia 41) – Anthony Harwell


Sport & Performance:  So Anyway (Hunter 22) – Steve Pettengill
Cruiser:  Gibson Dry Dock (Cal 2-29) – Guy VanDoren


Optimist Red Div.:   Reedy Monohan
Optimist Blue Div.:  Will Weinbecker
Optimist White Div.:  Tom Commander
420 Dinghy:  Johnny Fewell & Emily Gilreath

St Augustine Race Week 2017
10 Minutes on the Fantasea – Henry Baker

St Augustine Race Week 2015
5 Minutes of the Ocean Race – Ken English

Salt water is good for you.

The Story of Two Sailors

(An actual conversation overheard at the 2018 SARW Awards Ceremony.)
Tim: What do you say to a drunken sailor?
Brianne: Can I buy you a drink?

2019 St Augustine Race Week

St Augustine Race Week 2019 REGISTRATION/SPONSORSHIP Quick Links

2019 SARW Entries

2019 Yachts & Captains:

Actaea, Tony Harwell
Ariel, Daniel Floryan
Avenger, Gary Van Tassel
Bernoulli, Allen Jones
BigTime, David Parrish
Carpe Diam, Brian Cramer
Destiny, Edward Delorme
Encore, Stephen Michael
Fantasea, Henry Baker
Fin, Graeme Nichol
Final Gravity, Jeff Bugbee
Fireball, Tim Tucker
Flamingo 1, Carl Kennon
Flyer, Tyson Bernthal
Forgotton Princess, Peter Marsh
French Kiss, Charles Points
Girl Dog, Paul Hellings
Hillbilly, Bradley Stowers
KAOS, Rich Brew
Katana, John Grannis
Kiwi Spirit II, Stanley Paris
kotchka, Reggie Maggs
Monkey's Uncle, Carter Quillen
Morgana, Henry Korous
Naked Option, Tracy Sampson
Naut-on-Call, Eddie Evans
Obsession, Norman L Church
Ocean Avenue 11, Hunt Bowman
Olive Oyle, Robert Blackford
RockStar, Kathy Hansen
Sea Breeze, Mike Alyea
Shadowfax, Guy Anderson
Snow Goose, Madalin Keeble
Spider Pig, Allister James
Stray Dog, David Hightower
Veria, Brianne Petit-Muller
Vixen, Bob Moriarty
Windchaser, Tom Fleming

2019 Crew:

Henry Baker, Captain
Richard Condit, Spinnaker Trimmer
Bill Cook, Watch Captain
David Hornfeck, Nav/Tac
Mike Stocks, Medic/Doctor

Keith Brantley, Mast
Stephane Chopineau, Headsail Trimmer
John Drake, Mid Bow
Michael Hartley, Tactician
Pieter Jordaan, Mid Mast
Gene Maszy, Bow
Graeme Nichol, Captain
Brian Rawson, Headsail Trimmer
Todd Tippin, Main Trimmer

Kevin Gallagher
Sebastian Gauza, Mast
Jayson Miller, Staysail Trimmer
David Nesbitt, Helm
Angela Stowers, Bow
Bradley Stowers, Skipper

Marissa Burrier, Crew
John Grannis, Captain
Karen Lane, Crew

Martin Brody, Chief
Capt' Quint, Captain
Matt Hooper, Oceanographer

Ron Byars, Chef
Bob Moriarty, Captain
Kevin Smith, Grinder

Justin Muller, Nav/Tac
Brianne Petit-Muller, Captain

2019 Yacht Clubs Represented:

Amelia Island Sailing Club
Charleston Ocean Racing Assoc
Charleston Yacht Club
Epping Forest Yacht Club
First Coast Sailing Association
Florida Yacht Club
Halifax River Yacht Club
Halifax Youth Sailing
Lake Monroe Sailing Assoc
Melbourne Yacht Club
Niantic Bay Yacht Club
North Florida Cruising Club
Oyster Bay Yacht Club
Rat Island Yacht Club
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club
Rudder Club of Jacksonville
St Augustine Yacht Club
Storm Trysail Club

2019 Offshore/Inshore Registration

2019 SARW Youth Sailors

420 One-Design Regatta
2019 Youth Sailors:

Alex Patangan, Florida YC
Bridget Monahan, Florida YC
Charlie Lawrence, Florida YC
Ella Schoening, Florida YC
Elyse Bernthal, SAYC
Erin Sass, SAYC
Finn Gardener, SAYC
Jocelyn Grannis, SAYC
Jonah Brewer, Florida YC
Kai Priester, SAYC
Kate Bailey, Florida YC
Lauren Eichler, Florida YC
Lily Theisen, Florida YC
Maddie Sills, Halifax YS
Nolan Orlando, Halifax YS
Olivia Dean, Florida YC
Sienna Branch, Halifax YS
Tia Schoening, Florida YC
Tyler Baker, Halifax YS
Wes Myler, Florida YC
William Weinbecker, Florida YC

2019 Youth Regatta Registration

Race Week Photos