2020 Youth Regatta NOR



C420’s Non-Spinnaker

March 14th and 15th, 2020

1. Rules

The Youth Sailing Regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association (US Sailing), by the rules of the 420 Class Association as appropriate to the fleet and this Notice Of Race, except as any of these are changed by the Sailing Instructions or any appendices to the Sailing Instructions.

2. Event
The organizing authority is First Coast Sailing Association. The event will be hosted at The St. Augustine Yacht Club 442 Ocean Vista Ave., St Augustine, FL 32080.

3. Eligibility and Entry
3.1  All skippers must submit a registration prior to the close of on-site registration. 
3.2  The Club 420 Fleet is open to Junior Sailors, up to and including 18 years of age at the time of the regatta.
3.3  Competitors must have completed all parts of the entry form and liability release document must be signed by parent/guardian of any participating junior sailor prior to the close of on-site registration.

4. Registration – Entry Fees
4.1 Registration is Online – Click here:

2020 Youth Regatta Registration

4.2 Registration Fee is $53.25 per boat payable at the time of registration and must be received by Midnight Friday, March 6th. All registrations and payments received after that day – must include the late fee of $10.65. Credit cards can be used for online registration, and checks and credit cards will be accepted at registration desk.
4.3  Skippers and their Crew will receive continental breakfast and lunch on both race days, Competitors Pasta Dinner on Saturday Night, Pizza Party on Sunday after racing, 2 T-Shirts, and a Skippers Packet. Additional meal tickets for Saturday and Sunday will be available for sale.

5.  Safety and Adult Responsibility
5.1 Participants compete entirely at their own risk. See Rule 4 – Racing Rules of Sailing, Decision to Race. All competitors under the age of 18 must have an adult representative designated and reachable during the event. The adult representative must sign a liability waiver at registration and agree in writing to be responsible for the competitor throughout the event.
5.2  The adult representative (parent(s) or guardian(s) is/are responsible for the safety of the sailor. It is the responsibility solely of the parent or guardian of the sailor to decide if the junior sailor shall sail in the weather and sea conditions that might arise during the event. Parents not personally attending any part of the event must ensure that another adult is authorized and designated to make these decisions for their junior sailor. It is the competitor’s designated adult’s decision to enter the regatta and to start or continue any race. The adults supervising the competitors are ultimately responsible for the competitor. This includes insuring that the competitor wears a PFD and appropriate clothing for immersion in cold water. The designated adult will accept full responsibility for all actions of the competitor during any activity related to the event including financial responsibilities for boat damages if their sailor was found at fault for the damage. This also includes on-shore activities before, during, and after the regatta.

6. Schedule
(All times below are tentative – Please check Regatta notice board for updates)
6.1 Continental breakfasts and lunches will be provided to competitors on each schedule race day.
6.2 Program and Schedule – This is the General Program/Schedule – A detailed schedule will be mailed to competitors in their acceptance welcome packet.

Friday, March 13th
1600-1800:   Boat / Trailer Drop off at SAYC (St. Augustine Yacht Club)

Saturday, March 14th
0800 – 1030:   Registration and Breakfast on SAYC Back Porch – T-shirts & Skipper Packet
1030:   Skippers Meeting on SAYC Back Porch
Noon:   Races to start approximately at noon – Race course near downtown St. Augustine in front of Fort.
Coach boat launching (Lighthouse Boat Ramp). Trailer parking available in parking lot and SAYC parking lot.
Lunch provided on the water for competitors
1600:   No races shall be started after this time.
Following racing – Spaghetti Dinner will be provided at SAYC – Extra tickets available for purchase – RSVP recommended

Sunday, March 15th
0830:   Breakfast available
0900:   Skippers Meeting
1030:   Warning signal for first race 3 or more races scheduled
1400:   No races shall start after this time.
Following racing Ice Cream, Pizza and Awards at St. Augustine Yacht Club.

7. Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions will be available at the skippers meeting.

8.  Courses & Racing Area
8.1  The racing area for all classes will be on the Matanzas River in the vicinity of Castillo de San Marcos, 1 South Castillo Dr., St Augustine, FL 3208. The sailing instructions will designate the course.
8.2  All competitors and boats will be towed to and from the race course from SAYC.

9. Measurement and Equipment
9.1 All competitors must supply their own equipment.
9.2 All competitors are allowed to use only one hull, centerboard, rudder (with tiller and extension), mast, boom, and set of sails during the regatta. Substitution of such equipment shall occur only with the Race Committee’s approval.
9.3 All Equipment must be 420 class legal in weight and measurement.
9.4 All boats MUST have an attached Bow line of class legal length with a Bowline on the end. The bow line must also stowed neatly and free of knots to assist with safety rescues.

10.  Scoring
10.1 The low-point scoring system (rule A2) will apply, except that each boat’s worst score will be discarded if more than six (6) races are completed. This changes rule A2.
10.2 One race completed constitutes a regatta.
10.3 In the case of a tie, an absolute tie breaker will be used as follows: (1) the skipper with the most firsts, (2) most seconds, thirds, etc. (3) the skipper beating the other the most times, and if still tied, (4) the skipper beating the other in the last race.

11. Prizes
• Club 420 Overall
• 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place
• Participation Award for each competitor.

12. Coaches and Support Boats
All coach and support boats must check in with regatta management for berthing assignments and a safety briefing. Each boat shall have a working VHF radio, an anchor suitable for the conditions, and a basic first aid kit. Complete information for coaches and safety vessels will be included in the sailing instructions.

Regatta Information Contact:

John Grannis
jgfla1@gmail.com or cell 904-571-2227

Jodi Weinbecker
sailing@thefyc.org or cell 410-353-3797

2020 Youth Regatta Registration


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2020 SARW Entries


Destiny, Edward Delorme
Encore, Stephen Michael
Fantasea, Henry Baker
Naut-on-Call, Eddie Evans
Rendezvous, Florentino Santana
Zaida, Chuck Fields

2020 CREW:

Edward Delorme
Al Rodrigeuz
Dave Wright

Henry Baker, Captain
Richard Condit, Spin Trim
Bill Cook, Watch Capt
David Hornfeck, Nav/Tac
Mike Stocks, Medic


Epping Forest Yacht Club
First Coast Sailing Association
Florida Yacht Club
Halifax River Yacht Club
Halifax Youth Sailing
North Florida Cruising Club
Queen's Harbour Yacht Club
Rudder Club of Jacksonville
Smyrna Yacht Club
St Augustine Yacht Club

2020 Offshore/Inshore Entries

2019 SARW Entries


Actaea, Tony Harwell
Ariel, Daniel Floryan
Avenger, Gary Van Tassel
Bernoulli, Allen Jones
BigTime, David Parrish
Carpe Diam, Brian Cramer
Destiny, Edward Delorme
Encore, Stephen Michael
Fantasea, Henry Baker
Fin, Graeme Nichol
Final Gravity, Jeff Bugbee
Fireball, Tim Tucker
Flamingo 1, Carl Kennon
Flyer, Tyson Bernthal
Forgotton Princess, Peter Marsh
French Kiss, Charles Points
Girl Dog, Paul Hellings
Hillbilly, Bradley Stowers
KAOS, Rich Brew
Katana, John Grannis
Kiwi Spirit II, Stanley Paris
Kotchka, Reggie Maggs
Monkey's Uncle, Carter Quillen
Morgana, Henry Korous
Naked Option, Tracy Sampson
Naut-on-Call, Eddie Evans
Obsession, Norman L Church
Ocean Avenue 11, Hunt Bowman
O-Katana, John Grannis
Olive Oyle, Robert Blackford
RockStar, Kathy Hansen
Sea Breeze, Mike Alyea
Second Wind Guy VanDoren
Shadowfax, Guy Anderson
Snow Goose, Madalin Keeble
Spider Pig, Allister James
Stray Dog, David Hightower
Veria, Brianne Petit-Muller
Vixen, Bob Moriarty
Windchaser, Tom Fleming

2019 CREW:

Henry Baker, Captain
Richard Condit, Spinnaker Trimmer
Bill Cook, Watch Captain
David Hornfeck, Nav/Tac
Mike Stocks, Medic/Doctor

Keith Brantley, Mast
Stephane Chopineau, Headsail Trimmer
John Drake, Mid Bow
Michael Hartley, Tactician
Pieter Jordaan, Mid Mast
Gene Maszy, Bow
Graeme Nichol, Captain
Brian Rawson, Headsail Trimmer
Todd Tippin, Main Trimmer

Kevin Gallagher
Sebastian Gauza, Mast
Jayson Miller, Staysail Trimmer
David Nesbitt, Helm
Angela Stowers, Bow
Bradley Stowers, Skipper

Marissa Burrier, Crew
John Grannis, Captain
Karen Lane, Crew

Martin Brody, Chief
Capt' Quint, Captain
Matt Hooper, Oceanographer

Ron Byars, Chef
Bob Moriarty, Captain
Kevin Smith, Grinder

Justin Muller, Nav/Tac
Brianne Petit-Muller, Captain


Amelia Island Sailing Club
Charleston Ocean Racing Assoc
Charleston Yacht Club
Epping Forest Yacht Club
First Coast Sailing Association
Florida Yacht Club
Halifax River Yacht Club
Halifax Youth Sailing
Lake Monroe Sailing Assoc
Melbourne Yacht Club
Niantic Bay Yacht Club
North Florida Cruising Club
Oyster Bay Yacht Club
Rat Island Yacht Club
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club
Rudder Club of Jacksonville
St Augustine Yacht Club
Storm Trysail Club

2019 SARW Youth Sailors

420 One-Design Regatta

Alex Patangan, Florida YC
Bridget Monahan, Florida YC
Charlie Lawrence, Florida YC
Ella Schoening, Florida YC
Elyse Bernthal, SAYC
Erin Sass, SAYC
Ethan Snyder, SAYC
Finn Gardener, SAYC
Jocelyn Grannis, SAYC
Jonah Brewer, Florida YC
Kai Priester, SAYC
Kate Bailey, Florida YC
Lauren Eichler, Florida YC
Lily Theisen, Florida YC
Maddie Sills, Halifax YS
Nolan Orlando, Halifax YS
Olivia Dean, Florida YC
Sienna Branch, Halifax YS
Tia Schoening, Florida YC
Tyler Baker, Halifax YS
Wes Myler, Florida YC
William Weinbecker, Florida YC

Race Week Photos