August 15th & 16th 2020

Club 420 One-Design

The Youth Regatta will be sailing in the shadows of historic structuresTDC Logo like St. Augustine’s Castillo de San Marcos and the beautiful Bridge of Lions. They will race in a protected, challenging saltwater venue where parents, tourists and spectators can cheer them on from the waterfront viewing area. An Expert Race Committee with lots of Safety Boats will ensure safe, fair competition. All Youth Sailors will check in at the St. Augustine Yacht Club on Saturday morning. Participants will also be treated to lunches and a great pizza / ice cream Awards Dinner at the St Augustine Yacht Club Sunday after the regatta.
2020 SARWYouth Regatta Fee: 420s – $50.00 (covers both Skipper and Crew).
A $10.00 late fee will be charged for registrations received after August 7th.
We are delighted to be able to offer this great event again through the generosity of our Sponsors. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (904) 571-2227 or by email at jgfla1@gmail.com
John Grannis, Youth Regatta Chairman
St. Augustine Race Week

To participate, each Skipper (Youth Sailor) must register by clicking on the Youth Regatta Registration link, below.

2020 Youth Regatta Registration     2020 Youth Regatta Notice of Race

2020 Youth Regatta Letter to Coaches

2020 SARW Youth Sailing Regatta

• 420 One-Design •
August 15th & 16th 2020


St. Augustine Yacht Club

Augustus Gardner

St. Augustine Yacht Club

Blake March

Florida Yacht Club

Cohen Chesser

St. Augustine Yacht Club

Jocelyn Grannis

Florida Yacht Club

Jonah Brewer

Halifax YS

Nolan Orlando

Halifax YS

Siena Branch

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sarw youth scholarship


Named for a man who was instrumental in transforming St. Augustine Race Week into a city-wide top-tier event, the John Daniel Meehan (JDM) Youth Sailing Scholarship Fund brings the joy of sailing to underprivileged kids all across the NorthEast Florida region. Scholarship recipients have all fees paid so they may attend one of the summer sailing camps run by First Coast Sailing Association member clubs.
sarw youth scholarshipEach year, member clubs reach out to community organizations seeking youngsters ages 6 to 18 who wish to participate. Many of the kids have never been in a sailboat or a boat of any kind. At local yacht clubs the kids learn all the basics of sailing in small boats and have a ton of fun as well. Perhaps some of these kids will sail in a future St. Augustine Race Week.
Young people who receive JDM Youth Sailing Scholarships will attend one of the Sailing Camps run by St. Augustine Yacht Club, Florida Yacht Club, The Rudder Club of Jacksonville, Smyrna Yacht Club or Halifax Youth Sailing.
This will be the sixth year of the scholarship program and we’re aiming to serve around three dozen kids. If you know of a worthy youngster for the program, just contact the JDM Youth Scholarship Committee at one of the Yacht Clubs named above.

2020 SARW Youth Sailing Regatta

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Sign up for the 2020 SARW Youth Regatta

Sign up for the 2020 SARW Youth Regatta

What is a 420?

There are two types of 420 Dinghies. One is known as the International 420 Class Dingy, the other is known as the Club 420. It’s the latter version will be sailed in the St. Johns TDC Youth Regatta. The International 420, unlike the Club 420 has a spinnaker and optional trapeze making it a far more demanding boat to sail and race. The International 420 class is recognized by the International Sailing Federation and raced all over the world. The name comes from its 4.2 meter overall length . In feet that’s 13 feet 9 inches. But who wants to sail a 139?

The type of boat being sailed in the St. Johns TDC Youth Regatta is the other type of 420 known as Club 420. It is slightly stronger, heavier and more simply rigged boat than the “International” version so no spinnaker and no trapeze and fewer sail trimming strings to pull. The simpler rig is designed to be sailed easily and safely by younger sailors. Throughout North America it has become very popular at yacht clubs and junior sailing organizations for training and youth racing programs.

– Dave Montgomery, SAYC

What is an Optimist?

The Optimist is a small, single-handed sailing dinghy intended for use by children up to the age of 15. Nowadays boats are usually made of fibreglass. It is one of the most popular sailing dinghies in the world, as well as the slowest dinghy in the world. The Optimist is recognised as an International Class by the International Sailing Federation.

The Optimist has a pram hull. Just in front of a bulkhead, which partitions the boat nearly in half, is the daggerboard case. Right behind it on the centerline of the hull floor are attached a pulley and ratchet block. These anchor the sheet and its pulley on the boom directly above. At the bow resides a thwart to support the mast which passes through a hole in its centre to the mast step mounted on the centre line of the boat. The painter, a rope used for securing a boat like a mooring line, is usually tied around the mast step. Buoyancy bags are installed inboard along each side in the front half of the boat and at the stern to add buoyancy in the event of capsizing.

The single sail of the Optimist is sprit-rigged. Two battens stiffen the leech. It is secured evenly with ties along the luff to the mast and along the foot to the boom, pulled down tightly by a vang/kicker. The light, slim third spar, the sprit, extends through a loop at the peak of the sail; the bottom rests in the eye of a short cable or string which hangs along the front edge of the mast. Raising and lowering the sprit and adjusting the boom vang allow for adaptation of sail trim to a range of wind conditions. Similarly, the Optimist has a small string outhaul on the end of the boom. It is usually correct to tighten the boomvang, outhaul, and sprit in heavy winds and loosen them in light winds. As well as this, huge adjustments can be made to sail shape, due to all of the ties running along the mast and boom. Due to its inherent stability, unstayed rig, robust construction and relatively small sail, the Optimist can be sailed in winds of up to 30 knots.

– From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, ref. Optimist (dinghy).

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2020 SARW Entries


Alchemist, Mike Coe
Allons-Y - Rose Ann Points
Ariel - Daniel Floryan
Avenger, Gary Van Tassel
Bernoulli - Allen Jones
Blitzkrieg, Matthew Schaedler
Caper - Peter Korous
Chasseur, George Forrester
Cheetah - Bubba Futch
Destiny - Edward Delorme
Encore - Stephen Michael
Estelle - Paul Jarrett
Fantasea - Henry Baker
Far Niente, Ray Sembler
Fin - Graeme Nichol
Flamingo 1 - Carl Kennon
Girl Dog - Paul Hellings
Hillbilly - Bradley Stowers
Icicle, Guy VanDoren
Kaos - Rich Brew
Kotchka - reggie maggs
Monkey's Uncle - Carter Quillen,
Naut-on-Call - Eddie Evans
Nina - Michael Fegen
Obsessions - Norman Church
Ocean Avenue 11 - Hunt Bowman
Olive Oyle, Robert Blackford
Perfection, david locy
Ponce - Gilbert Wright
Pura Vida - Mark Dixon
Rapid Transit - Tom Davis
Rattle & Hum - Adam Norwood
Rendezvous with Destiny - Florentino Santana
Rockstar, Tim Tucker
Santarella - James Scalise
Shadowfax - Guy Anderson
Sky Bird - Michael Dolan
SnowGoose - Robert Newsome
Stray Dog, David Hightower
thousand island, robert thousand
Veria - Brianne Petit-Muller
Zaida - Chuck Fields

2020 CREW:

Philip Filipov, Sailor
Peter Korous, Captain
Ed Trumbull

Edward Delorme, Captain
Al Rodrigeuz
Dave Wright

Henry Baker, Captain
Richard Condit, Spin Trim
Bill Cook, Watch Capt
David Hornfeck, Nav/Tac
Mike Stocks, Medic

Stephane Chopineau, Headsail Trimmer
John Drake, Mid Bow
Michael Hartley, Tactician
Pieter Jordaan, Mid Mast
Gene Maszy, Bow
Graeme Nichol, Captain
Brian Rawson, Headsail Trimmer
Todd Tippin, Main Trimmer

Brad Bristol, Grinder
Sebastian Gauza, Mast
Krzysztof Kusmider, Main Trimmer
Angela Stowers, Bow
Bradley Stowers, Skipper
John Tworkowski, Helm

Mary Corbett, Cat 3 Cooler Jockey
Eddie Evans, Captain
Josh Evans, Main Trimmer
Brett Hahulski, Mid Mast
Kirk Weichsel, Bow

Marianne Davis
Robert Newsome, Owner
Vickie Woltner


Amelia Island Sailing Club
Charleston Ocean Racing Assoc
Charleston Yacht Club
Epping Forest Yacht Club
First Coast Sailing Association
Florida Yacht Club
Halifax River Yacht Club
Halifax Youth Sailing
Melbourne Yacht Club
North Cape YC of Toledo OH
North Florida Cruising Club
Queen's Harbour Yacht Club
Rat Island Yacht Club
Rudder Club of Jacksonville
Sail Queen's Harbour
Shennecossett YC of Groton CT
Smyrna Yacht Club
St Augustine Sailing
St Augustine Yacht Club
Storm Trysail
US Sailing

2020 Offshore/Inshore Entries

2020 SARW Youth Sailors

420 One-Design Regatta

Augustus Gardner, SAYC
Blake March, SAYC
Cohen Chesser, Florida YC
Jocelyn Grannis, SAYC
Jonah Brewer, Florida YC
Nolan Orlando, Halifax YS
Siena Branch, Halifax YS

2020 Youth Regatta Entries

Race Week Photos

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