SARW 2020 / 21 – ABOUT

St. Augustine Race Week


April 17th – 24th 2021

Eight Great Days • Multiple Sailing Events

Ocean Racing • River Racing
Bayfront Racing • Youth Regatta

Private Events for
Registered Racers, Crew & Family include:

Awards Ceremonies • Parties • Live Music

A City-Wide Sailing Celebration

Eight Days of Racing along the city’s Bayfront, in the Tolomato River and on the Atlantic Ocean. Free Live Music for Registered Racers, Crew & Family in the Meehan’s Big Party Tent located Downtown at the St Augustine Municipal Marina. Party Tent events are OPEN to the public.
Our awesome Food and Beverage Vendors will serve up tasty treats to keep the Party going. Sailors, Spectators, and Party People can join us on Land, in the Bay, or on the High Seas!


Cruisers • Racers • Big Boats
Small Boats • Youth Regatta

2021 Race Schedule

Parties • Live Music • Great Food & Drink

2021 Party Details

Proceeds to support the John Daniel Meehan (JDM) Youth Sailing Scholarship Fund.

All Awards Ceremonies and Parties will be held in

The Meehan’s Big Party Tent

Downtown at the St Augustine Municipal Marina.

Food, Fun, Drinking & Live Music.   Party like a Sailor!

(Notice: The Party Tent is OPEN to the Public)

Racing Formats for Everyone

• Offshore Performance Spinnaker
• Offshore Performance Non-Spinnaker
• Offshore Cruiser Spinnaker
• Offshore Cruiser Non-Spinnaker
• Inshore Class 1 Performance
• Inshore Class 2
• One-Design 420 Dinghy (Youth Regatta)


Proceeds to Benefit Kids

St. Augustine Race Week raises funds to send underprivileged children to local sailing camps every summer as part of our JDM Youth Sailing Scholarship Fund, named in honor of the late John Meehan, a strong supporter of Race Week. In 2019, our generous Sponsors made it possible for us to send nearly 40 underprivileged kids to summer sailing camps free of charge.

2021 Race Schedule         2021 Inshore/Offshore NOR         2021 Youth Regatta NOR

Sailing Instructions will be available at the Competitors & Skippers Meetings.

A Perfect Event for St. Augustine and You

Once again the First Coast Sailing Association and its associated yacht clubs are proud to bring to St. Augustine the premiere sailing event of the spring season. It’s an eight-day celebration of all types of sailing set in America’s oldest seaport city. In 2021 we’ll continue that great combination of competition and entertainment with spectator events as well as private Events, Parties, Live Music and Awards Ceremonies. As always, St Augustine Race Week offers Challenging Offshore Yacht Racing, Exciting Inshore Yacht Racing and Inspiring Bayfront Youth Sailboat Racing for sailors from 12 – 92 arriving from up and down the Atlantic coast. Sailers will race their yachts on the Ocean in the River and on the Bay! FAST, FUN and FRIENDLY events for Sailors, Spectators and Party People on the Water and on the Land for a full week in St Augustine, Florida. This year, Parties & Live Music Events in the Meehan’s Big Party Tent are OPEN to the public. It’s the world-famous St Augustine Race Week – April 17th – 24th 2021.

Race Week 2021 includes all the features everyone loves including the best live local bands,2021 SARW great food, delicious rum drinks and convivial socializing with all your sailing friends. This year’s Parties will be held in the Meehan’s Big Party Tent Downtown at the St Augustine Municipal Marina and are open to the public. Awards Ceremonies and all private events will be held at the St Augustine Yacht Club. 2020 SARW shirts, hats, sail bags and other paraphernalia will be available for sale at each of the Awards Ceremonies.  And, like our 2020 event, hundreds of spectators will see the delightful spectacle of youngsters racing right off the Bayfront in their One-Design 420’s. We will even have a Dragon Boat demonstration on the Bayfront, too!
Something for Every Boat. You don’t have to own an ocean-going boat to participate. Slightly smaller yachts and even trailerable sailing boats are invited to race in the popular Inshore Series in the Tolomato River just North of the Vilano Bridge. The Offshore Series is for serious racers who like lots of traditional round-the-buoys, upwind-downwind racing. The Tactical Challenge Series presents a set of coordinates to be reached by any route sailors choose.
Kids – The Best Thing About Our Regatta: In the summer of 2019 proceeds from St. Augustine Race Week enabled us to send nearly 40 underprivleged kids to various summer sailing camps around the area free of charge! That’s what we’re all about – giving less fortunate children a great summer experience and training the next generation of sailors. We’re looking forward to increasing that amount in 2021 and giving even more kids their first experience at the helm of a real sailboat. The 2021 SARW One-Design 420 Youth Regatta sails in the Matanzas Bay on its own special weekend, April 17th & 18th.



Conquistador’s Corner – You’ll be given a prescribed latitude and longitude. Sail out to touch each line at any point and return to the finish.
Menendez’s Meander – Just like Pedro Menendez de Aviles, you’ll sail up and down the coastline to prescribed North latitude, a Southern latitude and back to finish.


Mariners Triangles – No imaginary points to find. It’s traditional round-the-buoys racing action with upwind, downwind, reaching legs and back to the finish line. We’ll do as many races as we can each day depending on time and wind conditions.


The Inshore Series – The course will be set up in the Intracoastal Waterway North of the Vilano Bridge with tight racing between the banks. On the final day we hope to have you race downtown for spectators along the Bayfront.


The Dragon Boats will sail the St Augustine Bayfront to the delight of spectators on Monday.


Last year, spectators loved the spectacle of dozens of Club 420’s racing around the buoys in the St Augustine Bayfront piloted by kids from age 12 to 18. The kids love it too! This year, our Youth Sailors will compete in the 2021 SARW One-Design 420 Youth Sailing Regatta on the Opening Weekend of Race Week. The Youth Sailing Regatta is an entirely separate regatta with its own set of trophy winners to be awarded Sunday at the St Augustine Yacht Club.

WELCOME To SARW 2020 / 21

Alchemist (Mike Coe, SA Sailing)
Allons-Y (Rose Ann Points, SAYC)
Ariel (Daniel Floryan, SAYC)
Blitzkrieg (Matthew Schaedler, North Cape YC)
Caper (Peter Korous)
Chasseur (George Forrester)
Cheeta (Bubba Futch, Rudder Club)
Encore (Stephen Michael, Rudder Club)
Estelle (Paul Jarrett, SAYC)
Fantasea (Henry Baker, SAYC)
Far Niente (Ray Sembler, SA Sailing)
Fin (Graeme Nichol, AISC)
Flamingo 2 (Carl Kennon, SAYC)
Girl Dog (Paul Hellings, RIYC)
Hillbilly (Bradley Stowers, Melbourne YC)
Icicle (Guy VanDoren, Rat Isoand YC)
Kaos (Rich Brew, Rudder Club)
Kotchka (reggie maggs, SAYC)
Monkey’s Uncle (Carter Quillen, NFCC)
Morgana (henry korous, none)
Naut-on-Call (Eddie Evans, CORA/ChYC)
Obsessions (Norman Church, HRYC/Storm Trysail)
Ocean Avenue 11 (Hunt Bowman, SAYC)
Olive Oyle (Robert Blackford)
Perfection (david locy, SAYC)
Ponce (Gilbert Wright, Sail Queen’s Harbour)
Pura Vida (Mark Dixon, SAYC)
Rapid Transit (Tom Davis, Rudder Club)
Rattle & Hum (Adam Norwood, NFCC / Rudder Club)
Rendezvous with Destiny (Florentino Santana, SAYC)
Rockstar (Tim Tucker, SAYC)
Shadowfax (Guy Anderson, US Sailing)
Sky Bird (Michael Dolan, SAYC)
SnowGoose (Robert Newsome, SAYC)
Stray Dog (David Hightower)
thousand island (robert thousand, SAYC)
Veria (Brianne Petit-Muller, SAYC)

1255 and one-half feet of Yachts are Registered for SARW.
Plus 74 feet of Captains!
It’s a BIG ocean. Plenty of room for your Yacht.

Send a picture of your yacht to
and be featured on our WebSite.

SARW 2020 / 21 – Fun Facts!

First to Register
Encore – Lindenberg 28
Stephen Michael, Captain
Rudder Club of Jax

Longest Yacht: 45 Feet
Monkey’s Uncle – Hunter Center Cockpit
Carter Quillen, Captain
North Florida Cruising CLub

Shortest Yacht: 22 Feet
Girl Dog – Catalina 22
Paul Hellings, Captain
Rat Island Yacht Club

Farthest from Home Port:
2852 Nautical Miles*
Matthew Schaedler, Captain
North Cape YC – Toledo OH

Welcome First-timers!


Mike Coe
St Augustine Sailing


Rose Ann Points
St Augustine Yacht Club


Matthew Schaedler
North Cape YC of Toledo OH


Peter Korous


George Forrester


Bubba Futch
Rudder Club

Far Niente

Ray Sembler
St Augustine Sailing

Flamingo 2

Carl Kennon
St Augustine Yacht Club


Guy VanDoren
Rat Island Yacht Club

Olive Oyle

Robert Blackford


david locy
St Augustine Yacht Club


Gilbert Wright

Pura Vida

Mark Dixon
St Augustine Yacht Club

Rendezvous with Destiny

Florentino Santana
St Augustine Yacht Club

Sky Bird

Michael Dolan
St Augustine Yacht Club


Robert Newsome
St Augustine Yacht Club

thousand island

robert thousand
St Augustine Yacht Club

It’s a BIG ocean. Plenty of room for your Yacht.

* Source/Nautical Miles:

Honor Roll of Past Racers

Actaea     Ariel     Adenium     Avenger     Bernoulli     BigTime     Black Pearl     Blueprint     Blue Sky     Calypso Breeze     Carpe Diam     Destiny     Encore     Estelle     Fantasea     Fin     Final Gravity     Fireball     Flamingo 1     Flyer     Forgotten Princess     French Kiss     Gaboon     Ghost     Gibson Dry Dock     Gone Postal     Girl Dog     Hillbilly     Hunter 41     J 29     Kaos     Katana     Kerberos     Kiwi Spirit II     Kotchka     Lively     Meteor     Monkey’s Uncle     Mountain Roo     Morgana     Naked Option     Naut-on-Call     Obsessions     Ocean Avenue 11     O Katana     Olive Oyle     PHRFection     Quick Decision     Rapid Transit     Rattle & Hum     Ripple     RockStar     Santarella     Sassy     Sea Breeze     Sea Hawk     Second Wind     Shadowfax     Skybird     Snow Goose     So Anyway     Spider Pig     Stray Dog     Swim Up Tiki Bar     Veria     Vixen     Water Streak     Windchaser     Zaida returning to race in 2021

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SARW Registration is OPEN.

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2021 Youth Regatta Registration

St Augustine Race Week VIPs

Chairman: Dan Floryan
(904) 687-5145
Vice Chairman: Guy Anderson
(904) 396-6382
Offshore Race Management: Adam Norwood
(904) 398-7343
Inshore Race Management: David Patrick
(904) 687-4197
Youth Regatta Chairman: John Grannis
St. Augustine Yacht Club
442 Ocean Vista Avenue       St. Augustine, FL 32080
(904) 824-9725

Sponsored by

First Coast Sailing Association is a 5013c Organization
Tom Davis, President
4446 Hendricks Ave, #227         Jacksonville FL 32207

JDM Youth Sailing Scholarship Fund

All excess funds generated by SARW sponsorships and entry fees go to support our John Daniel Meehan Youth Sailing Scholarship Program. Each summer we send kids aged 8-18 to summer sailing camps in the Northeast Florida area where they learn the basics of sailing and water safety while also having loads of fun. In the summer of 2019 proceeds from St. Augustine Race Week enabled us to send nearly 40 underprivleged kids to various summer sailing camps around the area. All at no charge!

Our partners in this program are St. Augustine Yacht Club, North Florida Cruising Club, Florida Yacht Club, Halifax River Yacht Club, Halifax Youth Sailing, The Rudder Club of Jacksonville, Queens Harbour Yacht Club, and Smyrna Yacht Club. We look forward to another fun year in 2021.

St Augustine Race Week 2017
30-second Recap – Jeremy Garza

2020/21 St Augustine Race Week

SARW Announcements

Registration Links to YachtScoring are now available for SARW Offshore & Inshore Racing Registration as well as Registration Links for the Youth Regatta.

NEW NAME: SARW 2020/21
The SARW Committee has renamed 2021 SARW to "SARW 2020/21" because the 2020 SARW Offshore & Inshore Racing Events were postponed to 2021. 2020 SARW Registered Racers for Offshore & Inshore Events are still registered for this year's events.
New Racers are Welcome!
Registration for all events is OPEN.

2021 ST AUGUSTINE RACE WEEK is scheduled for April 17th - 24th 2021.

New Racers Welcome.
If you registered for 2020 SARW Offshore or Inshore Racing, you are automatically already registered for the SARW 2020/21 events!
Youth Regatta Racers must register for the 2021 Events.


St. Augustine, FL
Race Week

April 17th - 24th 2021

Ocean Racing • River Racing
Bayfront Racing • Youth Regatta

SARW – Timeline

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2021 SARW Events Timeline

SARW – Registration

New Racers Welcome.
If you registered for SARW 2020 Offshore or Inshore Racing, you are automatically already registered for the SARW 2021 events!
Youth Regatta Racers must register for the 2021 Events.

Offshore & Inshore Yacht Racing is OPEN.

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2021 Offshore/Inshore Registration

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REGISTRATION for the 2021 SARW Youth Sailing Regatta is OPEN.

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2021 Youth Regatta Registration

SARW – Sponsorship

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2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

SARW Entries


Alchemist, Mike Coe
Allons-Y - Rose Ann Points
Ariel - Daniel Floryan
Blitzkrieg, Matthew Schaedler
Caper - Peter Korous
Chasseur, George Forrester
Cheetah - Bubba Futch
Encore - Stephen Michael
Estelle - Paul Jarrett
Fantasea - Henry Baker
Far Niente, Ray Sembler
Fin - Graeme Nichol
Flamingo 1 - Carl Kennon
Girl Dog - Paul Hellings
Hillbilly - Bradley Stowers
Icicle, Guy VanDoren
Kaos - Rich Brew
Kotchka - reggie maggs
Monkey's Uncle - Carter Quillen
Morgana - henry korous
Naut-on-Call - Eddie Evans
Obsessions - Norman Church
Ocean Avenue 11 - Hunt Bowman
Olive Oyle, Robert Blackford
Perfection, david locy
Ponce - Gilbert Wright
Pura Vida - Mark Dixon
Rapid Transit - Tom Davis
Rattle & Hum - Adam Norwood
Rendezvous with Destiny - Florentino Santana
Rockstar, Tim Tucker
Shadowfax - Guy Anderson
Sky Bird - Michael Dolan
SnowGoose - Robert Newsome
Stray Dog, David Hightower
thousand island, robert thousand
Veria - Brianne Petit-Muller

2021 CREW:

Philip Filipov, Sailor
Peter Korous, Captain
Ed Trumbull

Edward Delorme, Captain
Al Rodrigeuz
Dave Wright

Henry Baker, Captain
Richard Condit, Spin Trim
Bill Cook, Watch Capt
David Hornfeck, Nav/Tac
Mike Stocks, Medic

Stephane Chopineau, Headsail Trimmer
John Drake, Mid Bow
Michael Hartley, Tactician
Pieter Jordaan, Mid Mast
Gene Maszy, Bow
Graeme Nichol, Captain
Brian Rawson, Headsail Trimmer
Todd Tippin, Main Trimmer

Brad Bristol, Grinder
Sebastian Gauza, Mast
Krzysztof Kusmider, Main Trimmer
Angela Stowers, Bow
Bradley Stowers, Skipper
John Tworkowski, Helm

Mary Corbett, Cat 3 Cooler Jockey
Eddie Evans, Captain
Josh Evans, Main Trimmer
Brett Hahulski, Mid Mast
Kirk Weichsel, Bow

Marianne Davis
Robert Newsome, Owner
Vickie Woltner


Amelia Island Sailing Club
Charleston Ocean Racing Assoc
Charleston Yacht Club
Epping Forest Yacht Club
First Coast Sailing Association
Florida Yacht Club
Halifax River Yacht Club
Halifax Youth Sailing
Melbourne Yacht Club
North Cape YC of Toledo OH
North Florida Cruising Club
Queen's Harbour Yacht Club
Rat Island Yacht Club
Rudder Club of Jacksonville
Sail Queen's Harbour
Smyrna Yacht Club
St Augustine Sailing
St Augustine Yacht Club
Storm Trysail
US Sailing
US Sailing Center - Martin County

2021 Offshore/Inshore Entries

2021 SARW Youth Sailing Regatta

420 One-Design Regatta

There are no yachts currently registered for this event.

2021 Youth Sailing Regatta Entries

* * *

Alice le roux (W) , Halifax YS
Augustus Gardner, SAYC
Blake March, SAYC
Charles Sweeney, SAYC
Charlie Lawrence, Florida YC
Cohen Chesser, Florida YC
Davis McLauchlin, Florida YC
Elizabeth Wire, USSCMC
Jocelyn Grannis, SAYC
John Spierre, Florida YC
Jonah Brewer, Florida YC
McRae Busey, Florida YC
Nolan Orlando, Halifax YS
Siena Branch, Halifax YS
Siena Pollis, USSCMC
will weinbecker, Florida YC
William Kulas, USSCMC
Zuzanna Barska, USSCMC