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    2023 St Augustine Race Week

    2023 SARW Logo

    2023 SARW Announcements

    2023 St Augustine Race Week
    March 18th - March 25th 2023


    Welcome to our 2023 SARW Racers
    Cheetah - Bubba Futch
    Dragonfly - David Gay
    Fantasea - Henry Baker
    Hula Girl - Chris Edwards
    Naut-on-Call - Eddie Evans


    Welcome to our Newest Sponsor
    Keep It Clean - Pressure Washing


    Offshore & Inshore
    Registration is OPEN

    2023 SARW Registration


    The 2023 Yacht Races, Ceremonies & Parties will be held in and around St Augustine, Florida.
    OffShore Yacht Racing in the Atlantic Ocean, InShore Yacht Racing in the Tolomato River and Youth Sailing in the St Augustine Bay.
    Go ahead and clean up, dry off
    and get ready for SARW 2023!


    Click the button to see who is racing in the 2023 SARW. And some Fun Facts, too!

    2023 Offshore/Inshore Entries

    2023 Youth Regatta Entries

    Final Race Results


    2023 SARW
    Coming Soon

    to a body of water near you!

    SARW Logo

    March 18th - March 25th 2023

    Ocean Racing • River Racing
    Bayfront Racing • Youth Regatta

    2023 SARW – Sponsorship

    2023 SARW Sponsorships are available!
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    2023 Sponsorship Opportunities

    2023 SARW – Timeline

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    2023 SARW Events Timeline

    2023 SARW – Registration

    Offshore & Inshore Yacht Racing is OPEN.

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    2023 Offshore/Inshore Registration

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    REGISTRATION for the 2023 SARW Youth Sailing Regatta will open SOON.

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    2023 Youth Regatta Registration

    2022 SARW Entries


    Ariel - Daniel Floryan
    Battle Axe - Scott Wotherspoon
    Bernoulli - Allen Jones
    Bladerunner - Andre Bakker
    Eagle's Wings - Richard Amerling
    Easy Button - Brett Staples
    Fantasea - Henry Baker
    Fireball - Tim Tucker
    Flamingo 2 - Jill Kennon
    Girl Dog - Paul Hellings
    Monkey's Uncle - Carter Quillen
    Morgana - Henry Korous
    Naut-on-Call - Eddie Evans
    Obsession - Norman L Church Jr
    OGRADY - Zachary OGrady
    QwikSail - Robert Scaringe
    Rapid Transit - Tom Davis
    Rock Star - Tim Tucker
    Sage - David Locy
    See Ya - Michael Dolan
    Shadowfax - Guy Anderson
    Snowgoose - Missie Simcoe
    VARMINT - Kip Smith
    Veria - Justin Muller
    Weta - Devin Van Zandt
    Zaida - Chuck Fields

    2022 CREW:

    Battle Axe
    Will Harding, Spinnaker trimmer
    John Skinner, Rush Chairman
    Mellissa Winton, Bow
    Scott Wotherspoon, Cat 3 Cooler Jockey

    Henry Baker, Captain
    Richard Condit, Spinnaker Trimmer
    David Hornfeck, Nav/Tac
    David Montgomery, Engineer

    Mary Corbett, Cat 3 Cooler Jockey
    Eddie Evans
    Brett Hahulski, Mid Mast
    Angela Locke, Floater
    Ron Locke
    Wendy Mckenzie
    Bradley Morrow, Floater
    Kirk Weichsel, Bow

    Bill Frazier, Strategist
    Bill Furr, Watch Captain
    Vince Genovese, Other
    Chris Gruel,Headsail Trimmer
    Boris Kautsky, Alternate
    Scott Marquez, Alternate
    Zachary OGrady, Captain
    Orion Osborn, Alternate
    Mike Reddaway, Bow
    Scott Sundie, Helm
    Roger Wang, Medic/Doctor

    Bob Scaringe, Skipper
    Joseph Holtz
    Michael Katancik
    Nathaniel Michael
    Chris Recio
    John Klie
    Anthony Grasso

    2022 YACHT CLUBS:

    Charleston Ocean Racing Assoc
    Charleston Yacht Club
    Eau Gallie Yacht Club
    Epping Forest Yacht Club
    First Coast Sailing Association
    Florida Yacht Club
    Halifax River Yacht Club
    Halifax Sailing Association
    Halifax Youth Sailing
    Lake Eustis Sailing Club
    Lake Eustis Youth Sailing Foundation
    Melbourne Yacht Club
    North Florida Cruising Club
    Port Canaveral Yacht Club
    Queen's Harbour Yacht Club
    Rudder Club of Jacksonville
    St Augustine Yacht Club
    Storm Trysail
    SW Yacht Club
    Smyrna Yacht Club
    US Sailing

    2022 Offshore/Inshore Entries

    2022 SARW Youth Sailing Regatta

    420 One-Design Regatta

    Ajay Sastri, LESC
    Anderson Moore, FYC
    Beatriz Newland, LESC
    Benjamin Kelley, LEYSF
    Blake March, SAYC
    Charlie Lawrence, FYC
    Cheyenne Dooley, EGYC/MYC
    Cohen Chesser, FYC
    Dylan Cook, SAYC
    Gabriella Becerra, FYC
    Jake Steiger, FYC
    Julia Dinzelbacher, FYC
    Julian Galpin, FYC
    Katylyn Daniel, HYS
    Keegan Skipper, FYC
    Logan Ellzey, FYC
    Maddi Ferreti, SAYC
    Max Morano, EGYC
    Maya Jones, FYC
    Mercedes Newland, LEYSF
    Reina Li, SAYC
    Sean Madigan, FYC
    Sky Howell, FYC
    Sommer-Rain Hampton, FYC
    Sophia Massey, FYC
    Stella Herford, FYC
    Thomas Schuerger, EGYC/MYC
    Walker Richards, FYC
    William Silvestri, FYC
    Zachary Mason, SAYC

    2022 Youth Sailing Regatta Entries